Joke Me Off is a comedy podcast featuring comedians Nick Larson and Saul Trujillo. They offer random nonsense ranging from impersonations of celebrities to potty mouthed rants about current events.

This episode Jason Sohm joins us to talk about the hard hitting topics...Big Trouble in Little China, and pooping at work...Oh, and the South Carolina shooting, blah, blah, blah..

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This episode, Lilly Flynn stops by to tell us how she started comedy, where she wants to be in 5 years, how she got discharged from the Airforce, and shows us that weird thing she does with her eye. Also, she addresses the drama that has been circling about her...the tention is almost too much! (Did we sell it enough?)

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In this episode:


Comedian Diego Curiel comes to JMO with his usual randomness/awkwardness, talks about his possible bookings with NACA, and about the nickname names he hates to be called.


Also, Saul says some weird stuff about baby goats....

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