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JMO Podcast

Joke Me Off is a comedy podcast featuring comedians Nick Larson and Saul Trujillo. They offer random nonsense ranging from impersonations of celebrities to potty mouthed rants about current events. Follow us on Instagram at @nicklarsoncomedy and @saulcomedy. Twitter @nicklarson85 and @saulcomedy.

Nov 21, 2020

This episode, we find out we're trending in the UK; Saul thinks he's losing his hair; Nick has a theory about drug addicts and hairloss; and Saul has a new story about T.B. (Tweaker Butler). Enjoy!

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Nov 14, 2020

This episode, Saul finally has his own apartment and is in the process of moving Sheena out to LA, we learn Saul is a good lover, he says goodbye to hostels, inks on people, retires his password "cacaface", and his dad haunts the family truck with farts. Enjoy!

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Nov 6, 2020

This episode,

Nick's future show Nix is already canceled; Saul loves Long John Silver's; Saul might move back to the 209, if comedy doesn't return; we weigh the pros and cons of living in each area; a commercial agents keeps sliding into Saul's DM's, and Nick recaps his show in Truckee. Enjoy!

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