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JMO Podcast

Joke Me Off is a comedy podcast featuring comedians Nick Larson and Saul Trujillo. They offer random nonsense ranging from impersonations of celebrities to potty mouthed rants about current events. Follow us on Instagram at @nicklarsoncomedy and @saulcomedy. Twitter @nicklarson85 and @saulcomedy.

Aug 28, 2019

This episode, 

Nick's fiance, Danell, joins us to give an update on her new job. Also, we talk nipple sizes; gross cafeteria food; food allergies; horibble farts; Danell wants to pull a food heist; Nick and Danell's son found a condom at his school; and Nick recaps his weekend with T.k. Kirkland, at Tommy T's Rancho....

Aug 23, 2019

This episode, Saul is back in town to give an update on life in LA. He talks doing the open mics; Saul is finally employed; our lack of Spanish speaking; finding time to masterbate, in cars; and Nick is adjusting to being home alone all day. Enjoy!

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Aug 13, 2019

We reached into the JMO Vault, and pulled out another throwback episode! Our eighth episode released more than 5 years ago...

Saul is trying to diet; Nick goes back to work as a busboy; and Saul wouldn't mind doing a sex scene in a movie. In Current Events: Randy Jackson is leaving American Idol; and the tv show Cops...

Aug 5, 2019

This episode,

Nick's fiance is gonna be a "lunch lady" at their kid's school; and Saul recaps his shows in Reno, and the Sacramento Comedy Competition; Cheryl VANderson is still broken, so Saul has to drive, and sleep, in his mom's car, in LA; and Nick recaps Deliberation Room, and doing portraits for Earthquake....