Joke Me Off is a comedy podcast featuring comedians Nick Larson and Saul Trujillo. They offer random nonsense ranging from impersonations of celebrities to potty mouthed rants about current events.
JMO: Episode 13 -  Drunk and Disorderly

Saul gets drunk at a charity event for cancer, so naturally we thought it would be best to podcast? We skirt on the line of belligerence, more than usual. Enjoy...

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JMO: Episode 12 - Swingers

Comedian and Disc Jockey, Gavin Myers joins us, in studio, to share his crazy adventures as a Party D.J. And we have another addition of A.J. DeMello's Mello Moments.

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JMO: Episode 11 - Fundraiser Event

Entertainer K-Cizzle joins us to promote his fundraiser events, on 4/19/14, at the King-Kennedy Memorial Center. This event is tomorrow evening from 5:30-8:30. Come out and support!

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The second half of our first 2 hour episode, featuring Diego Curiel. We run through Current Events, and we introduce a new segment, by comedian A.J. DeMello, called DeMello's Mello Moments.

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Part 1 of our first 2 hour episode - Diego Curiel Joins us in do you bomb on a podcast? He'll show you! If you thought we were random before, wait until you here this gold nugget of "alt humor". Stay tuned for part 2 later this week..

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