Joke Me Off is a comedy podcast featuring comedians Nick Larson and Saul Trujillo. They offer random nonsense ranging from impersonations of celebrities to potty mouthed rants about current events.
JMO: Episode 34 - Grower Vs. Shower

This episode, Sac comic, Luke Soin joins us to talk about his Epic Tiki talk show. We also discuss growers and showers, writing and filming sketches, Luke gets hit on by a man via Youtube comment, and there's more cartoon talk. I know, right? Aaand, we close the show by doing karaoke, to a Katy Perry song, as old Japanese men.

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JMO: Episode 33 - Plenty of Thermos

This episode Nick and Saul are on their own and it gets weird and racist, per usual, when they don't have a guest. We reminisce over a show we did for a few hundred latino people, Nick's big day at the circus shunning protestors, and Saul goes on another racist rampage. But, we close it out with a sweet Buzzfeed quiz, and some awesome 80's rock!

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This episode Nick's Sister, Gabby and her BFF twinsie Lauren D'Silva, joins us to talk about their road trip from New Orleans to Portland. They share their stories of their travels; what places to visit in Portland; and what to expect in New Orleans that involve 24 hour bars, tourists, and ghosts! Also, we finish the episode with some storytime.

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JMO: Episode 31 -  All That Jelly And No Toast

Sacramento comics Emma Haney and Diego Curiel joins us to talk about absolutely nothing. Seriously. We talk about Adventure Time, old cartoons, sour Koolaid that you can only drink when you're high, and we watch/listen to a Friskies commercial. We're not gonna lie...It's pretty hilarious.

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JMO: Episode 30 - I Just Like To Drink

Sacramento comic Michael Calvin Jr. stops by to talk about his upcoming show and dishes about his parents divorce, traveling the world, parenthood, all the fun times he had drinking, and his road to giving up alcohol. Also, we close out the show with a Buzzfeed quiz.



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