Joke Me Off is a comedy podcast featuring comedians Nick Larson and Saul Trujillo. They offer random nonsense ranging from impersonations of celebrities to potty mouthed rants about current events.

In our last episode of 2015, we try oh so hard to recap the year but, as usual, randomness ensues.

We talk favorite moment/comic/venue/foods of 2015; we discuss a little Star Wars, Christmas, and Saul's birthday. Also, Nick is sick this ep, so he sounds an awful lot like Dracula...

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This episode,

Sacramento comic Kristen Frisk joins us, in studio, to talk about Saul's show in Humboldt, Elf on the Shelf, balancing comedy and family, life in Tracy before moving to Sac, and we end with a round of Current Events.

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In this episode, We have fellow degenerate, Isaac Ames, come in and grace us with all sorts of army stories. We drink scotch, talk shit, baby sit, and just have good time. TUNE IN!

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This, Roadcast right here, is the Dean Delray of episodes! We talk about our cozy weekend performing at the Robinson Rancheria Casino, eating free Rib-eye steak, sleeping in comfy beds, driving down to San Francisco and making fun of hipsters on Haight Steet. 

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This episode, we do our first ever Roadcast! On our way back from LA, we reminisce about fine dining at Craft Los Angeles, walking the Hollywood Walk of Fame, having fun at the LA Zoo, staying at a crack motel, and performing at the world famous Comedy Store. 

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This episode, we team up with Taylor Evans, and Andre Morton of the Black Enough podcast. Nick and Saul delve into the lives of the podcasting duo to find out what makes them tick. Also, we create ridiculous Superheros...

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This episode, we get all the Deaf Puppies (Nick, Saul, Jason Sohm, and Chris Teicheira) together for a smash and grab of a podcast. Also, Jason Resler makes a surprise appearance. We talk the Notminee show, The MAMA awards, Resler reminisces on scorned memories of Disney Land, and, as if having Teicheira on the podcast saying outrageous things wasn't enough, we finish out the podcast with Chris' Comments. You do NOT want to miss this ep!

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Sacramento comedians, Emma Haney and Jaime Fernandez, join us to talk about all the recreational drugs that they've been doing; Emma is single and NOT ready to mingle; 209 BBQ talk; and we reminisce on the infamous stripper story at Teicheira's house.

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In this episode:

Saul talks about the weekend he had in Sacramento, Saul dealing with a mean lady, Nick goes to San Diego with his boo, and the comedy group we are in ("Deaf Puppies").

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On this episode:


We reminisce about getting beaten up growing up, how racist Saul's dad is, the MAMAs, and current events is filled with stripper stories. Tune in!

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Sacramento comedian, Luke Soin returns to JMO to talk movies, the MAMA Awards0, his Epic Tiki Take projects as well as The Sexy podcast, and Saul leaves Nick and Luke to do the Current Events by themselves. 

P.S. Saul does an amazing Morgan Freeman, and Luke's laugh is still adorable...

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In this episode:


We talk about the MAMAs (give credit where credit is due and put people in their place), talk about candy (again), and have some of the most fun we've had with a current event in a long time.

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In this episode:


We talk about school being back, Nick puts his cooking skills to the test and cooks for Saul, Elk Horn Comedy Show featuring Chicago Steve Barkley, Nick almost beating up a skinhead to protect the fair maiden (Saul), we get serious about Saul's family and their poor health issues, and get back into food for some reason.



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This episode, Alfonso Portela and Damian Harmony let us Stocktonians know what the 916 is all about...Not really...we just learn that Damian Teaches Latin, and Alfonso plays the drums and is seriously into coffee. We throw in some wrestling talk for you nerds..

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Modesto comic, Eric Von Kauffman, is moving to Hawaii so it only seemed fitting to deliver one of the longest podcast of all time... Hey, he might not ever be back on the show so we gotta get in the goods! Listen to the whole thing, or split it into 2 as you wish...

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On this episode:


We bring up how the Comedy BBQ went, Nick goes camping, we do a "Mic Review", and we can't stop doing Sports Announcer voice.

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On this episode:

We get into the two biggest contraversies that broke the internet this week, the open mic at Epic Lounge, and we do a Lightening Round of current events.

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In this episode:


We talk Nick's horrible cooking, Saul trying to do impressions, we come up with future skits...we lose it for a minute, and then "out" what Saul goes to when we lose the rhythm.

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This episode Jason Sohm joins us to talk about the hard hitting topics...Big Trouble in Little China, and pooping at work...Oh, and the South Carolina shooting, blah, blah, blah..

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This episode, Lilly Flynn stops by to tell us how she started comedy, where she wants to be in 5 years, how she got discharged from the Airforce, and shows us that weird thing she does with her eye. Also, she addresses the drama that has been circling about her...the tention is almost too much! (Did we sell it enough?)

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In this episode:


Comedian Diego Curiel comes to JMO with his usual randomness/awkwardness, talks about his possible bookings with NACA, and about the nickname names he hates to be called.


Also, Saul says some weird stuff about baby goats....

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In this episode:

Saul opens up about his relapse, his long time addiction to gambling, him signing the lifetime ban on himself, and how he plans on staying clean.

(The episode is uncomfortable...bare with us)

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On this episode:


We talk board games, the Avengers, our hatred for Crunch bar, and alternate universes where Saul has kids and is in shape. In Current Events, we have topics like cocaine granola bar, Nick does his Morgan Freeman impression, poop beards, and much more!

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This episode, Saul schools Nick on all the different types of Asians in the world while listening to an amazing song out of Singapore. Also, Saul recaps on his very busy week of shows; Getting drunk at the bar, once again; and Nick talks about bombing at a competition. 

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This episode, Turlock comics Connor Martin and A.J. DeMello join Nick in studio to talk about...i dunno...stuff. And, A.J. brings back a round of his infamous Mello Moments.

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Turlock comedian, Taylor Evans, joins us in studio to try to score more babysitting gigs...and comedy shows. Also, we talk about Saul's live recording of Grandma's Boy, Saul getting too drunk and falling asleep at Denny's again, Taylor gives us the scoop on how he became a babysitter, and the first time he started comedy. 

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This episode we get nostalgic about going to religious schools. Obiously it didn't help...we are horrible people. Also, we talk about Saul being the Godfather to his cousins, Easter tradition, and Saul's recording at Strings Italian Cafe on Saturday the 28th. Come out and support!

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Jason Sohm is on the podcast to help us minorities read gooder. Also, we talk about all the cool stuff we did at Science Camp, Saul shoots weird Spiderman loads, best places to have public sex without getting caught, and crazy drug addictions and sexual fetishes that people actually have.

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On this episode, Fish and Potato are live from the steam room, at The Bath House. They talk about their hatred for flavored vodkas, 1990s American Sitcoms, give you marital advice, and Potato gives you his mother's secret recipe for bear stew. Stay tuned for next episide where we go over best Russian songs to listen to when eating caviar. Hail Putin.

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This episode, Saul and Nick talk about their very mediocre Valentine's Day, their love for Aquariums and sea creatures, and Saul's potential godson marking his territory all over the house.

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Sacramento comic Kiry Shabazz, and newcomer Grant Houlton, join us in studio to talk about the Off The Top show on Feb 11th. We also talk about food...surprising, right? 

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This episode, Manteca comic Jason Sohm joins us to talk about sports, spiders that bite their wieners off, and sex know, typical guy talk! #BoysWillBeBoys

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We're back...and with a new Intro/Outro! It's been some time since we recorded last...and let's be honest, nobody really noticed. This episode, Saul delivers some big news that will affect the future of JMO, and we talk about what we did over the holiday break.

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