Joke Me Off is a comedy podcast featuring comedians Nick Larson and Saul Trujillo. They offer random nonsense ranging from impersonations of celebrities to potty mouthed rants about current events.
JMO: Episode 20 - What Happens in Vegas...

This episode Saul talks about his trip to Vegas, how he might have witnessed a rape, and about his gambling habit.

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JMO: Episode 19 - A Ginger And A Jew Walk Into A Podcast...

This episode comedians Andrew Ouelette (The Ginger) and Bryant Tarpley (The Jew) joins us to crack wise. Plus, we have a very overly sexual Current Events. Enjoy!

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JMO: Episode 18 - The Three Amigos Don't Save The Day

This episode Nick rides solo while Saul pleasures himself in Vegas. Comedians Jason Violation and Tom Bickle join Nick to talk about saving the new open mic Laughs By The Mile on Miracle Mile (Pacific Ave). Also, in Current Events, we list the 50 greatest action hero names of all time.

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JMO: Episode 17 - The Fabulous Larry Mealer

This episode, Nick's Uncle Larry stops by to put some sass into this podcast! He talks about his crazy neighborhood; talks a little gossip; and we get to know a little about his life, before Stockton. Also, we have another addition of comedian Aj DeMello's Mello Moments.

We always enjoy his company and we know you will too. He's hilarious and the world should know it....get ready for Larry Mealer!

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JMO: Episode 16 - Gay For Pay

Comedian Connor Martin is in studio to explain what he's been doing after a year of not doing comedy. This handsome devil is what Saul, and I, like to call a quadriple threat. He's a comedian, magician, parkour enthusiast, and resembles a young Woody Harrelson. Feast for eyes and ears on Connor, ladies and gentlemen.

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Part 2 of another lengthy episode featuring, Sacramento comic, Emma Haney! She talks about: Baking, getting baked, World of Warcraft, Game of Thrones, and, well, other nerdy things. Enjoy! 

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JMO: Episode 15 - Gamers, Potheads, and Nerds, Oh My! (Part 1)

Part 1 of another lengthy episode featuring, Sacramento comic, Emma Haney! She talks about: Baking, getting baked, World of Warcraft, Game of Thrones, and, well, other nerdy things. Enjoy! Part 2 coming next Monday...

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JMO: Episode 14 - F**k School!

Comedian Isaac Ames joins us, in studio, to confess his hatred for school. He, also, tells stories of being in the army. And, fills us in on the problems with being a very a short man.

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JMO: Episode 13 -  Drunk and Disorderly

Saul gets drunk at a charity event for cancer, so naturally we thought it would be best to podcast? We skirt on the line of belligerence, more than usual. Enjoy...

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JMO: Episode 12 - Swingers

Comedian and Disc Jockey, Gavin Myers joins us, in studio, to share his crazy adventures as a Party D.J. And we have another addition of A.J. DeMello's Mello Moments.

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JMO: Episode 11 - Fundraiser Event

Entertainer K-Cizzle joins us to promote his fundraiser events, on 4/19/14, at the King-Kennedy Memorial Center. This event is tomorrow evening from 5:30-8:30. Come out and support!

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The second half of our first 2 hour episode, featuring Diego Curiel. We run through Current Events, and we introduce a new segment, by comedian A.J. DeMello, called DeMello's Mello Moments.

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Part 1 of our first 2 hour episode - Diego Curiel Joins us in do you bomb on a podcast? He'll show you! If you thought we were random before, wait until you here this gold nugget of "alt humor". Stay tuned for part 2 later this week..

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JMO: Episode 9 - "Ambien"

This episode we have a serious talk about why Saul thought about quitting comedy...


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JMO: Episode 8 - Comedy Gang Bang

This episode we have a gang bang of comedians joining us to talk over each times with comedians A.J. DeMello, Arron Kromann, and Jimmie Menezes.

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JMO: Episode 7 - The Bird Lady

This episode comedian Hannah Hosford is in studio to show us a video of a dog raping a pillow; we talk about her love of birds; and Hannah and Nick perform the worst Skit of the Week, to date...a woman trying to buy a bird from Kat Willams.

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JMO: Episode 6  - The Luckyfest Ep.

Jason Violation joins us, once again, to talk about us all performing at this year's Luckyfest, in Modesto, Ca. There's going to be tons of booze and comedy so come out and see us.

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JMO: Episode 5 - Uncle Sam Watches Me Watch Porn

Comedian Tom Bickle joins us in studio. We toast, in celebration of Nick's new baby, with the finest cheap champagne and dicuss the Government taking away our liberties. Much fun was had...

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JMO: Episode 4 - Back To The Way Things Were

This episode we have the great Mike Betancourt talking about being back in the old studio, the infamous "lost episode", stand-up gigs, movies, and tv shows.

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JMO: Episode 3 - Don't Take My Guns

This episode we have comedian Rich Brockman in studio to tell us why he's decided to hang up his microphone and leave the world of comedy. Plus we have a very serious discussion about gun control.

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JMO: Episode 2 - Haters Gonna Hate!

This episode we have the legendary local comedian Reggie "Thuggdork" Ganlindo, In studios, droppin' knowledge on us youngers.


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JMO: Episode 1 - Reboot or Season 2?

JMO decided to do a reboot...or should we call it Season 2? Anywho, this episode we have Jason Violation in studios with us. Enjoy.

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